Physique Zero Review- Is Alain Gonzalez’s Training Program A Scam?

Welcome to my Physique Zero Review. The internet can be both a beautiful and awful place at the same time. Mainly because you never are sure whether or not to trust a brand. To make things simpler today I bring you my honest opinion on Physique Zero review.

Physique Zero Review: Does This Help You Build Great Muscle Fiber In Less Time?

Let me first explain to my readers to those who don’t know what Physique Zero is about. Physique Zero is a program meant for increasing muscle mass and strength; additionally, it decreases fat from the body. The good part is that Physique Zero program is based on scientific research that helps to overcome the 70 seconds steroid barrier. Ideally, it is meant for those people who want to get a chiseled fat free body. Physique Zero program will help you get fitter and a toner body without having to sweat much. Physique Zero book claims to achieve all this by investing as little as 8 minutes a day.

Physique Zero review

Most modern-day workouts only aim at improving the outer layer muscle layer. Physique Zero free downloads are gaining popularity because they work on all these layers instead of just targeting one layer. Physique Zero process helps you build great muscle fiber in relatively less time. Let us discuss more in this Physique Zero Review.

Program NamePhysique Zero
ManufacturerAlain Gonzalez
CategoryMuscle Strength
Main BenefitsIt helps to muscle strength.
SpecificationDownloadable PDF and book
DurationIt is divided into exercises of 70 secs. The full work out time adds up to just 8 minutes.
Official WebsiteClick Here

About Physique Zero Program

As already stated, Physique Zero is a fitness program. If you want, you can see it as a guide for getting a fit body. I wasn’t all amazed until the point where I saw the excellent techniques on Physique Zero pdf. Just like anyone else, I had my apprehensions about the claims. I was surprised to see that logical explanation backed all the claims. One of these stated how we have different levels of muscles. Physique Zero Review program is very effective for anyone who is like me and dislikes the generic gym methodology.

Features of Physique Zero Book 2020

  • Physique Zero review may be a bit softer from my side as I was awestruck by the 8-minute rule. Let’s be honest, who does not like a fat-free body with toned muscles but do we have the time to follow it? Also, most of the other programs are such that they consider that you have all the time in the world. This is the best feature of Physique Zero pdf.
  • Another striking benefit of Physique Zero workout program is that it does not injure your body. If you have never worked out, this may seem a bit strange. Should workouts cause health hazards like knee injuries? No, but in reality, most of them would. Hence you need to be sure before beginning any program. But not Physique Zero amazon. Physique Zero program did not give me any injuries just as promised. Of course, I had pain in my body in the starting days but no long term issues. This Physique Zero program achieves by only following no reps workouts. This also helps you in more ways than just preventing injuries.
  • Timed sets are also a subtle but important reason for my favorable Physique Zero review. Most gym trainers to ask you to count during any workout. Now, this takes away your focus from the actual exercise. Psychologically speaking it does help. But counting can not be trusted. Your muscles do not know what count you are on. Hence you need to keep working until your muscles get stressed out to the threshold point. Timed workouts will ensure that this criterion is met.

Main advantages of Physique Zero PDF

Next, in my Physique Zero review, I will share some key advantages that I found with Physique Zero program.

  • Money-back guarantee: This I was stunned to find. But trust me, no creator gives this option unless they are very sure about it. So this is a green flag.
  • Reliable: It’s a real and trustworthy program that you can count on for that beach body.
  • Free of steroids: It was hard for me to accept that the perfect body can be achieved without intoxication yourself with artificial steroids. The workouts focus on natural steroids in the body.
  • Saves costly gym memberships: I have seen the gym memberships go waste so often because people may not get time within the time frame selected. This issue is also resolved by opting for this.

Physique zero author

Pros and Cons of Physique Zero Main Manual

Reviews are incomplete without sharing the pros and cons. Hence here goes my list for a complete Physique Zero review.


  • Saves time: My favorite feature would be the fact that Physique Zero program is divided into exercises of 70 secs. The full work out time adds up to just 8 minutes. Moreover, you save time going to and from the gym. This is the prime highlight of Physique Zero book.
  • Works effectively: For someone like me with a sedentary lifestyle added with the job pressure Physique Zero did wonder. Although I won’t boast about the quickness of the transformation, I was satisfied with the overall results.
  • Simple techniques: Physique Zero U.S.P is the fact that it brings about subtle differences in the way you workout. For example, it tells you about how to position your mouth while doing any workout. Now I never knew that this could make a difference, but if they are to be trusted, it does.
  • Value for money: Physique Zero is worth buying in terms of monetary investment. You will be able to get the desired results and the cost even with all the additional offers won’t be too stressful.


  • Not a magic potion: If you are someone who wants muscles by next week don’t depend on this. Frankly, I did hope that I would be all muscular to impress my girlfriend the next week, but that does not happen. You need to be consistent for at least a month for visible effects.
  • No personal trainer: It does feel better to have a personal trainer in some aspects. This will not be met here. Although you will feel resolution, you may not feel the same.

Does Physique Zero really help to gain muscle strength?

Please note that I am no doctor or researcher. I cannot certify the results for each individual. It worked well for me, which makes me think that it should work for most people. But you need to be consistent with the workouts. The road may not be easy. Still, I would say it does help in gaining muscle strength.

A Brief about the Creator of Physique Zero Book

Alain Gonzalez is the creator of this marvelous program. What is noteworthy is the fact that he is over 30 years of age. He is a family man with kids and a wife. He has helped young men in the past to get fit. Now with Physique Zero program, he mainly wanted to focus on men like him with busy lives and no time. He has stated that he understands that it is tougher to achieve body goals after the 30s as life becomes busier and the body is more stubborn.

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Why Physique Zero PDF is Useful?

In my understanding, Physique Zero program is helpful because not only has it been designed by someone who is well equipped with the field. But also because it uses practical approaches. I think Physique Zero program has been designed carefully after taking all the bodily mechanisms in mind. By reading Physique Zero review, hormones such as testosterone’s role have been mapped effectively to make full use of the same.

Bonuses of Physique Zero Free Download

  • Physique Zero Supplement Guide: This one is a much-needed bonus. Any workout without a proper diet almost always fails. Physique Zero supplement guide will help you make the perfect diet plan for that desired body. What was good was the fact that the guide will have very simple ingredients that you can always find.
  • Physique Zero Pull Up Progression Method: This add on will help you ace the pull methods effectively.
  • Physique Zero Pushup Progression Guide: This one is very interesting. It will guide you to take 30 Days To 100 Pushups. A dream that is on achieving will seem worthwhile for sure.

Physique zero reviews


My final word about Physique Zero review is that you should give Physique Zero a chance. It helped me to gain the muscles. I won’t say it was easy, but as I had stated in the article, I was happy with the outcomes. Don’t compare the product with some other manuals. Why I say, this is because Physique Zero is more of a technical manual. It will help you understand that workouts are not just about sweating. Workouts should be done in a prescribed manner to achieve the goals quickly. If you are someone who is already going to the gym, I would suggest that you can follow these techniques to fasten the process. If you don’t go then, also you can rely on it to help you out.

Don’t get me wrong; you will need a lot of motivation to achieve the perfect body, especially if you are someone who has less time. But believe me, all the efforts will be worth it once you achieve the goals with Physique Zero pdf. The workouts will prove to be harmless in terms of injuries in the future. All the stress that you would be putting on your muscles will impact positively. Hence don’t be hesitant to buy Physique Zero masterpiece. All your workout queries will be resolved on regularly using Physique Zero.

From my advice, I would recommend Physique Zero for a fitter body.

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